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kansas city tune up servicesIn the professional heating industry, it is recommended that your heater and air conditioner is properly maintained at least two times a year. At Mo-Kan Mechanical, we recommend that you maintain your heater once in the fall and once in the spring. Having your heater tuned up in the fall insures that it will be fully functional come winter time, and having your heater tuned up during the spring insures that nothing was broken during the many months of usage.

Mo-Kan Mechanical supplies heating tune-up services on all types of heaters including heating systems, heaters, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and more. Our professional Kansas City HVAC Contractors will use a detailed diagnostic check list to make sure that your heater is running a smooth as possible.

After several months of not being used, a heater can accumulate dust and dirt. When a heater is turned on for the first time after months of not being used, a burning smell will run through your house. While this is not a sign for alarm, you can avoid this smell by having your system properly maintained.

Mo-Kan Mechanical’s technicians begin your heating tune-up service with a complete inspection of your heating system. We will review every aspect of the system and make sure nothing is visibly out of place. If anything is out of place, our professionals will contact the homeowner before making an repairs, but they will have skills and tools to repair your heater on the scene if approved by the owner.

After inspecting your system for visible damages, our professionals will clean your heating system. This involves removing all chambers and dusting areas that you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own. Our professionals will clean your burners and change the filters in your system. This process will help limit that bothersome burning smell. We will inspect your air ducts for any signs of leaks and offer our air duct cleaning service to help improve the quality of air flowing throughout your house.

Once your heating system has been properly cleaned, our technicians will run your heater for a few minutes to make sure that all of the internal parts are fully functional. They will listen for any unusual sounds and make sure that your heater is properly heating every room in your house.

Our heating services will insure that your heater is properly functioning and ready for those cold winter months. If you skip out on a regular tune-up service, the results could cost you more money in future repairs and replacements. Just like any other piece of heavy equipment, a heater requires proper maintenance to insure all parts are working together in harmony.

Mo-Kan Mechanical has the skills and knowledge to keep your heater regularly maintained. Allowing us to get better acquainted with your heating system will make future repairs and services easier on us and you. It will also save you money on future repairs and reduce the amount of energy your house uses.

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