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duct-worksThe air ducts of your air conditioner run throughout your entire house and business. They are the transportation system of the air from your cooling system to the rest of your house. If anything malfunctions with your air ducts, the results could affect your entire cooling system.

Mo-Kan Mechanical specializes in the professional duct work for both commercial clients and residential clients. Our Kansas City HVAC technicians have the proper skills and training to completely repair any type of duct system.

We work on residential ducts by helping you keep them leak free and clean. We can inspect your duct system throughout your entire house, and make sure that there are no signs of leaks or future leaks. Fixing these problems now will save you money on future repair services.

Mo-Kan Mechanical provides a professional duct cleaning services. Cleaning your duct system will improve the quality of air your family is breathing.

When it comes to commercial duct work, things can get complicated. If you own a large business, the air ducts that run through your business are long and complicated. It can be difficult for an amateur to find the exact cause of your duct problem. Mo-Kan Mechanical has professional technicians that have the skills to handle commercial level duct systems.

Duct work is not something anyone wants to deal with. Running it in existing buildings can be disruptive to business and dangerous. Luckily we are fully trained in how to accomplish installing and repairing duct work with little to no disruption to your business. We can get air or heat moving into new or existing areas so that you can utilize the space of your business to maximum efficiency.

Our Kansas City Duct Work Service:

  • Air Conditioning Installations
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Cooling Systems
  • Ductless Systems
  • Duct Work
  • Duct Installations
  • Control Pad Installations
  • Custom Air Conditioning Units
  • Rheem AC Units
  • Kansas City Air Conditioning
  • Commercial AC Installations
  • Residential AC Installations


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Mo-Kan Mechanical is a professional Kansas City heating and air contractor that provides superior repair, installations and maintenance services to commercial and residential clients. The owners at Mo-Kan have over 19 years of experience in the HVAC field, and we are striving to provide customers with a one stop company that provides several different services for you to depend upon.