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During the summer months, your Kansas City air conditioning unit has to work overtime to keep your house cool. If you have any problems with your cooling system, you need a professional air conditioning contractor to handle all of your needs.

Mo-Kan Mechanical is a highly-recommended Kansas City HVAC contractor that provides superior heating and cooling services to commercial and residential clients. Our air conditioner services are performed by our professional technicians, who have over 19 years in the HVAC business. We can repair, install and maintain any type of cooling system that you have in your Kansas City house.

Kansas City Air Conditioning Installations

kansas city air conditioning installationsAs a homeowner, you can purchase the most expensive and highest quality of air conditioner unit, but if it is not properly installed by a professional, it may never function to its full potential. Mo-Kan Mechanical has professional technicians, who have the skills to properly install any type of cooling system, no matter what make or model. We can recommend the perfect air conditioning unit for your house or business. We will even help you customize the air ducts and the control panel to specifically fit your needs.


Kansas City Air Conditioning Repairs

kansas city air conditioning repair servicesRepairing your already existing air conditioning unit can be a difficult task, especially if it is an older unit. Mo-Kan Mechanical can properly repair any type of air conditioner, no matter what style. We have over 19 years of experience in air conditioner repairs, and we can have your air conditioner functioning smoothly again.


Kansas City Air Conditioning Tune Up

kansas city air conditioning tune up servicesWhen your air conditioner runs all summer long, the chances of a malfunction are highly increased. It is extremely important that you have your air conditioner unit properly maintained at least twice a year. Even if your unit hasn’t been used in a while, the system can still be damaged by the outdoor elements. Mo-Kan Mechanical provides the best air conditioning tune up services to the residents of Kansas City and the surrounding areas.


Kansas City Emergency AC Services

air-conditioning-kansas-cityAt Mo-Kan Mechanical, we understand that being without an air conditioner in the dead of summer can be extremely uncomfortable. We do not want any of our customers to suffer without a proper cooling system for longer than necessary. We provide emergency repair services on all air conditioning units. If your AC goes out in the dead of the night, don’t sleep through the heat, let our professionals help you.


Kansas City Duct Work

duct-worksThe air ducts that travel throughout your Kansas City home are connected to your air conditioner unit. Over time these duct can be comes damaged and retain dirt. This can cause your air conditioner not to function properly and increase the amount of sickness in your household. Mo-Kan Mechanical provides superior Kansas City duct work that will have your air flowing smoothly throughout your entire house.


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Mo-Kan Mechanical is a professional Kansas City heating and air contractor that provides superior repair, installations and maintenance services to commercial and residential clients. The owners at Mo-Kan have over 19 years of experience in the HVAC field, and we are striving to provide customers with a one stop company that provides several different services for you to depend upon.