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backflow testing kansas cityBackflow occurs when the unintentional reversal of normal flow of water reverses into a potable water system. This can result in problems like contamination from sewage waste matter, gases, solids, or mixtures that will make you sick.

Backflow prevention is an extremely important part of your plumbing system here in the Kansas City area. And in fact, many communities require that backflow preventers be installed on plumbing systems in the area because when one system that is tied to the main line has problems, it can affect the other homes or businesses in the area.

Backflow testing is done to ensure the backflow preventers are doing their jobs right.

Backflow, Backpressure and Backsiphonage

First, there are causes of backflow that you may need to understand. Backpressure and Backsiphonage are equally bad problems that you want to avoid, but they can make a difference in the type of backflow preventer you may need.

Backpressure occurs when the building’s plumbing system has a higher pressure than the public water main system. The water is forced back into the main line and can mean that undesirable contaminants are entering the potable water (or fresh water) of our homes.

Backsiphonage is when the water pressure supplied is lower than that of the system. This happens when a supply is interrupted or is drained down to low levels that can’t create the appropriate pressure in the system.

Either way, these backflow issues are dangerous to everyone’s health in the area. Contaminants are significantly hazardous and can create serious health risks.

That’s why knowing your system contains a backflow prevention device that is working properly is important, and testing for backflow issues is imperative to ensure you have the proper system in place before you’ll ever need it.

Backflow testing involves testing your water as well as the equipment used to prevent backflow. Your device should be tested yearly. Just like any other mechanical device, anything can go wrong at any time, but some prevention will go a long way in keeping the unit working right throughout the year.

Installing or Replacing a Backflow Preventer

When you need to install or replace a backflow preventer, you’ll want to be sure your technician can give you the best options available for your particular property. There are options you’ll need to decide on and minimum requirements that should be met in order to ensure your family’s drinking water stays safe.

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